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Website Hosting Platform Overview

Whether you need a brand new website, or you would like help with re-designing an existing website, you can count on our talent, innovation, creativity and attention to details along with easy to use tools.

Take Control of Your Website and edit your web sites content

Our Web site platform give you an easy way to quickly build your web site. For one low price, you get reliable e-commerce web hosting, a web site builder tool, customer relationship management, email marketing and business analytics. In fact, you get everything you need- without a programmer or any special tools.

Make Quick Changes with SiteWalk

SiteWalk is an intuitive and easy way to keep your website content fresh and up to date. Simply click on the area to you want to edit when you want to make change. You can change images, fonts, font colors and even HTML code if you want.

Use Templates for Consistency

Apart from saving time, Templates are used to maintain consistent branding across all web pages and to manage your sites overall look and feel in one, central place. Making a change to the template affects all pages that use that template. SiteWide Templates makes it easy to "skin" your web sites pages, shopping cart, forums, blogs and more.

100% Customizable layouts

Our easy to use Layout system allows you to manage the layout of your eCommerce store, your blog, forums and more. You can move, add and remove elements from any of your layouts to make your site, shop, blog or forum truly yours.

Complete Design Control

Even though our web site developers know all about web site design and web programming, you don't need to know web programming, HTML, or Cascading Style Sheets.  Your inhouse developers can rest assured that they have complete control, from the opening <HTML> tag to the closing one. They can upload and use their Cascading Style Sheets files and use all the Javascript or Flash objects they would like!