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Website Hosting Platform Overview

Customer Relationship Management

Enhance Customer Service & Support

The customer database is a centralized view of all your customers. When you view a customer record, you are either viewing a single persons record and all their interactions with you, or a company's record and the company's interactions with you, enabling you to provide better service for your customers, without any extra effort or coding.

A 360 degree view of every customer action

NetTrafficBuilder gives you a central view of your customer activities. For example, when viewing a customer record you can easily retrieve a list of all the past inquiries and view all the purchases they've made through your online shop. You can also view their subscriptions, including those to your email newsletters, secure zone areas, and affiliate programs. You can track or create customer loyalty programs and give specific discounts to this customer when they shop on your website.

Centrally Manage Customer Interaction

A Case is a record of a customers interaction with your business. A Case can be created manually or automatically. Cases would be created manually by the sales or customer service representative, when the customer calls on the phone or contacts your business directly in person, via the phone or via email. Its important that a case is created each time a customer interacts with your business. This enables you to keep a history of all interactions with the customer and refer to them at anytime in the future.

Manage Lead Generation with Custom Forms

You can build professional, branded, registration forms, secure order forms, and customer surveys in just minutes! Every web form you build is integrated into the contact database - when submitted, a Case is created for follow up and leads and responses are captured safely in the customer database.

Workflows automate and streamline your business

Workflows allow you to automate and streamline your business, including your customer service, enabling you to notify system users of various events, and require approval or input at certain steps of the process. Keeping connected with your online business is incredibly important - it's like a living, breathing entity, and you need to know when things happen. That's where workflows come in. Workflows are set up to notify you by Email or even SMS when something happens.