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Top 10 Crucial Google Search Tips for Executives

Jose Ward - Friday, August 01, 2008
CNET reported in July, 2008 that Google increased its share of money spent on search ads to 77% in the 2nd quarter. So I figured, to share some crucial Google Search tips for the average small business owner that always come in useful. Consider that using the right search term is the key to finding the information you and your potential customers need. It is worth noting that Google searches are NOT case sensitive.

  • Use Double Quotes: If you want to match only Jose Ward, you put “Jose Ward” in double quotes.
  • Use Minus Sign: If you want to match “Jose Ward” but exclude any embarrassing videos of me on “Youtube”, you want to use the minus sign “Jose Ward” – Youtube (Don’t worry their really aren’t any).
  • Use Dashes (-): Performs a phrase match for Jose-Ward, which is the same as “Jose Ward”
  • Use Plus (+): Means don’t do anything special, no synonyms or don’t show me correct spellings with the search. Use the plus if you want exactly that word or phrase +Microsoft Business Plan.
  • Package Tracking Numbers: You can type in UPS, Fedex, DHL tracking numbers directly into the search box. Type in the tracking number directly into the Google search box (Try a recent UPS Tracking #: 1Z9999W99999999999 or Fedex Tracking #: 1000000000000.
  • Flight Numbers: If you want to check on a flight status type in the flight number. For example typing AA68 into the Google Search Box and you’ll see my favorite place to go.
  • International Time: If you want to find the local time of anyplace in the world, simply type in “Time in Madrid” without the quotes. You get the time for Madrid, Spain and Madrid, IOWA.
  • Calculator: Google has a built in calculator, simply enter the calculation you want in the search box. For Example: (93-32)/9*5 will display 33.88, which is how you convert degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius.
  • Currency Conversion:  Google has a built in Currency Conversion. Type in 200 dollars in euro and you Europe is getting more and more expensive. There aren’t too many hotels in Madrid for under 199.00 Euros/night!
  • Use Define: Type Define for Spell Check and Dictionary.
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