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How to find the right people for your product or service.

Jose Ward - Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to find the right people for your product or service.

Web Analytics is the key to understanding the best sources of traffic for your web site.

Internet Traffic
The best way to understand how your companies marketing strategy is performing offline and online is by analyzing the traffic metrics in the context of your performance, as compared to your industry, industry sector and competitors.  Search for and find patterns in the data that indicate the strengths and weaknesses of your traffic acquisition strategy.  How are you doing in the category terms compared to your competition?  How does this compare against your brand terms.  Do they change across geographic boundaries, such as countries, states and maybe even cities?  How quickly can you identify new audiences for your products and services?  Where do you competitors get their traffic?  To answer these strategic types of marketing questions, you have to do a head to head web analysis.  Then you can develop a strategically focused plan of attack.

There are plenty of FREE and some great competitive intelligence tools in the market place from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Compete, Hitwise and others for web analytics.  Who is using them in your company to analyze your competitor’s data?  Most companies rely are their webmaster!  Is he or she really the right person for the job?  Did you learn anything from last Christmas season from your IT department that gave your marketing department and ad agency insights?  Did they find any new opportunities for your products and services?  D o you have a process to evaluate and understand online and offline Strategy?  Today, entrepreneurs, as well as marketing departments have to really focus on the brands, the categories, the keywords, the states or countries that are areas of focus for online and offline advertising to extract maximum impact from their marketing dollars.

Step 1.               Google Search Based Keyword Tool

Step 2.               Google Insights for Search (beta) Tool

Step 3.               Google Ad Planner Tool.

Time and time again, when I analyze internet traffic data, at least half the people came from search engines and the other half come from an individual category topics (category keywords).  The best place to start is with the Google Search Based Keyword Tool (SBKT).

You can be great at the head and great at the tail.  You don’t have to guess!  The Search-based Keyword Tool generates relevant keyword and landing page ideas specific to your website.  It can also help you identify additional advertising opportunities that aren’t currently being used in your AdWords ad campaigns (i.e. Long tail Keywords).

After looking at this data, I recommend that you look at Google Insight for Search (GIFS) .  Google Insights for Search is especially useful for Internet Marketing researchers and advertisers (anyone running a Google PPC Campaign) because it help us measure and understand the interest in pertinent search terms related to your brand and industry/category search terms.

Finally, use the Google Ad Planner( ) which help you identify websites that your audience is likely to visit so you can make better-informed advertising decisions.  Google Ad Planner, allows to:

  • Define audiences by demographics and interests.
  • Search for web sites relevant to your audience.
  • Access aggregated statistics on the number of unique visitors, page views, and other data for millions of websites from over 40 countries.
  • Create lists of websites where you’d like to advertise and store them in a media plan.
  • Generate aggregated website statistics for your media plan.

When you look at trends for search you can analyze data for yourself and your direct competition inside a category?  When you want to analyze your head terms and want to see your ad performance in terms of competition use Geo-targeting?  When you want to analyze understand the Long tail use the Search base tools?

By merging Search behavioral and demographic data and adding search data NOW the segment is even more relevant because they people have actually searched for these things.

Demographic and Search = Key to Finding your best customers!

Clearly improving relevance for audience you’ll see higher click through, higher conversions and higher sales and a promotion for you.  If you do all this competitive analysis is that all of this work is just that start.  All this work is not going to help you if your web site stinks, so  DONT STINK! Make sure you web sites navigation works well and that the user enjoys the experience.

In Google Analytics in the visitors reports section there is a report called Benchmarks.  Benchmarks compares your site’s performance with a group of websites that are of a similar size and similar business.  If you want to do Keyword Research, you can use Insights for Search to analyze the business category.  Make sure that you do this analysis at least monthly!

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