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How to find the right people for your product or service.

Jose Ward - Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to find the right people for your product or service.

Web Analytics is the key to understanding the best sources of traffic for your web site.

Internet Traffic
The best way to understand how your companies marketing strategy is performing offline and online is by analyzing the traffic metrics in the context of your performance, as compared to your industry, industry sector and competitors.  Search for and find patterns in the data that indicate the strengths and weaknesses of your traffic acquisition strategy.  How are you doing in the category terms compared to your competition?  How does this compare against your brand terms.  Do they change across geographic boundaries, such as countries, states and maybe even cities?  How quickly can you identify new audiences for your products and services?  Where do you competitors get their traffic?  To answer these strategic types of marketing questions, you have to do a head to head web analysis.  Then you can develop a strategically focused plan of attack.

There are plenty of FREE and some great competitive intelligence tools in the market place from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Compete, Hitwise and others for web analytics.  Who is using them in your company to analyze your competitor’s data?  Most companies rely are their webmaster!  Is he or she really the right person for the job?  Did you learn anything from last Christmas season from your IT department that gave your marketing department and ad agency insights?  Did they find any new opportunities for your products and services?  D o you have a process to evaluate and understand online and offline Strategy?  Today, entrepreneurs, as well as marketing departments have to really focus on the brands, the categories, the keywords, the states or countries that are areas of focus for online and offline advertising to extract maximum impact from their marketing dollars.

Step 1.               Google Search Based Keyword Tool

Step 2.               Google Insights for Search (beta) Tool

Step 3.               Google Ad Planner Tool.

Time and time again, when I analyze internet traffic data, at least half the people came from search engines and the other half come from an individual category topics (category keywords).  The best place to start is with the Google Search Based Keyword Tool (SBKT).

You can be great at the head and great at the tail.  You don’t have to guess!  The Search-based Keyword Tool generates relevant keyword and landing page ideas specific to your website.  It can also help you identify additional advertising opportunities that aren’t currently being used in your AdWords ad campaigns (i.e. Long tail Keywords).

After looking at this data, I recommend that you look at Google Insight for Search (GIFS) .  Google Insights for Search is especially useful for Internet Marketing researchers and advertisers (anyone running a Google PPC Campaign) because it help us measure and understand the interest in pertinent search terms related to your brand and industry/category search terms.

Finally, use the Google Ad Planner( ) which help you identify websites that your audience is likely to visit so you can make better-informed advertising decisions.  Google Ad Planner, allows to:

  • Define audiences by demographics and interests.
  • Search for web sites relevant to your audience.
  • Access aggregated statistics on the number of unique visitors, page views, and other data for millions of websites from over 40 countries.
  • Create lists of websites where you’d like to advertise and store them in a media plan.
  • Generate aggregated website statistics for your media plan.

When you look at trends for search you can analyze data for yourself and your direct competition inside a category?  When you want to analyze your head terms and want to see your ad performance in terms of competition use Geo-targeting?  When you want to analyze understand the Long tail use the Search base tools?

By merging Search behavioral and demographic data and adding search data NOW the segment is even more relevant because they people have actually searched for these things.

Demographic and Search = Key to Finding your best customers!

Clearly improving relevance for audience you’ll see higher click through, higher conversions and higher sales and a promotion for you.  If you do all this competitive analysis is that all of this work is just that start.  All this work is not going to help you if your web site stinks, so  DONT STINK! Make sure you web sites navigation works well and that the user enjoys the experience.

In Google Analytics in the visitors reports section there is a report called Benchmarks.  Benchmarks compares your site’s performance with a group of websites that are of a similar size and similar business.  If you want to do Keyword Research, you can use Insights for Search to analyze the business category.  Make sure that you do this analysis at least monthly!

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5 Tips to Increasing Website Traffic

Jose Ward - Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Increasing Website Traffic

If you are someone who sees opportunity in websites, I can assure you you’re looking the right way. However, in order to make money from any website, you need to get traffic to it. Because new webmasters don’t have money to invest into their websites, a good choice would be to increase website traffic for free.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

The first way to increase website traffic for free is by getting joint venture partners or affiliates. If your website sells a red widget, then simply look for other websites selling something related to your website – to red widgets. For example, if Bob is selling green widgets than his customers might be interested in your red widgets. Then, you simply offer a commission to Bob – normally 50% - for every sale resulting from his list. It’s quite simple – he sends an e-mail to his customer / opt-in base with your offer and you split the profits 50/50. This is truly a very good way to increase website traffic for free.

The second way to increase website traffic for free is by getting free links. You can offer link exchanges to the websites that are in your market, and this way anyone really interested in buying a red widget who has seen many websites selling red widgets will have came across your link often. This is a more branding approach, but it can also make you some sales. It’s also a good way to increase website traffic for free. You can list your website for FREE in our Directory, Submit Articles and get a Free LINKS to your website by visiting

The third way to increase website traffic for free is with manual surf exchanges. This might not seem like a good form of getting website traffic for free, however people are always manual surfing on websites and if you can do the same and promote your website, you’ll get it shown in front of many people. These people might not buy anything right away, however they will have seen the website and your website name, thus getting your website known.

The fourth way to increase website traffic for free is by being active in your niche. To dominate your market, go to all the red widget forums, discussion boards, article bases and community networks and discuss with people about red widgets. You can then leave your URL in your signature. It is a good way of showing your credibility and getting your website around. People trust people who don’t hide behind their website but show up face to face and prove that they know what they’re taking about.

The fifth and best way to increase website traffic for free is with SEO. Search engine optimization is one of the best ways around of getting quality free traffic, and a lot of it. Because people are actually searching for red widgets, you have a very high chance of selling them one, which makes this traffic very profitable. In other words, you should be practising SEO. Search engine optimization is a great way to increase website traffic for free, however there is work involved. You must change your website to make it search engine friendly, and then you must get links pointing to it so that it can get a higher Page RankPage Rank, the higher you will be listed. Now, getting links takes time – you have to e-mail each Webmaster in your market area and ask for a link exchange, you must constantly monitor your website’s rankings, you must analyze your competition… By hand, SEO takes hundreds of hours to do if you really want a #1 ranking for a popular keyword.
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Key steps to get listed in Google Search Results

Jose Ward - Wednesday, March 04, 2009
There are good ways and bad ways to target various keywords. If you choose the wrong way, search engines will think that you are a spammer. If you choose the right way, your website will get higher rankings. The following three steps will help you to get high rankings for as many keywords as possible. Targeting several keywords on your website is crucial if you want to get high rankings on Google. The more keywords that are related to a special topic can be found on your website, the more likely it is that Google will find your website relevant to that topic.

Step 1: Remove stuffed keywords from your web pages

    Some people think that the best way to optimize a website for multiple keywords is to add them on every web page and separate them with a comma.

    These websites usually have extremely long meta tags with dozens if not hundreds of keywords. You won't get high rankings on Google with that method. Add dozens of keywords on a web page is called keyword stuffing and all search engines consider this spam. You actually risk your web site being black listed or removed from ALL search results.

    To do: Check if your web pages contain long keywords lists. If yes, remove them from your pages.

Step 2: Optimize different pages of your website for different keywords

    If you add many keyword on the same web page, then the web page will be somewhat relevant to many keywords. If you optimize a web page for one keyword/keyphrase, then your web page will be very relevant to this keyword.

    It is much easier to get high rankings if the web page is very relevant to the searched keyword. For that reason, you should optimize as many pages of your website for as many keywords as possible.

    The keywords for which you optimize your web pages should be related. If you have a shoe shop, optimize different pages of your website for the keywords sports shoes, sneakers, sandals and boots. By having optimized web pages for these keywords, you show Google that your website is relevant to the topic shoes.

    To do: Find the best keywords for your website and then optimize different pages of your website for different keywords.

Step 3: Add keyword modifiers and combine these variations

    In step two, you have optimized your web pages for keywords such as sneakers and sandals. The next step is to add modifiers to these keywords on your optimized pages. For example, the sneakers page could include these keyword variations: Tampa sneakers shop, Tampa nike sneakers retailers, cool sneaker shop in Tampa, etc.

    It's usually a good idea to combine all of these keyword variations in one sentence (for example for your web page title): Buy cool Nike sneakers in our sneakers shop in Tampa. With this single sentence, your web page can be found for many keyword combinations that are included in this sentence.

    To do: Find keyword modifiers and add different keyword variations to your optimized pages.
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Top 10 Crucial Google Search Tips for Executives

Jose Ward - Friday, August 01, 2008
CNET reported in July, 2008 that Google increased its share of money spent on search ads to 77% in the 2nd quarter. So I figured, to share some crucial Google Search tips for the average small business owner that always come in useful. Consider that using the right search term is the key to finding the information you and your potential customers need. It is worth noting that Google searches are NOT case sensitive.

  • Use Double Quotes: If you want to match only Jose Ward, you put “Jose Ward” in double quotes.
  • Use Minus Sign: If you want to match “Jose Ward” but exclude any embarrassing videos of me on “Youtube”, you want to use the minus sign “Jose Ward” – Youtube (Don’t worry their really aren’t any).
  • Use Dashes (-): Performs a phrase match for Jose-Ward, which is the same as “Jose Ward”
  • Use Plus (+): Means don’t do anything special, no synonyms or don’t show me correct spellings with the search. Use the plus if you want exactly that word or phrase +Microsoft Business Plan.
  • Package Tracking Numbers: You can type in UPS, Fedex, DHL tracking numbers directly into the search box. Type in the tracking number directly into the Google search box (Try a recent UPS Tracking #: 1Z9999W99999999999 or Fedex Tracking #: 1000000000000.
  • Flight Numbers: If you want to check on a flight status type in the flight number. For example typing AA68 into the Google Search Box and you’ll see my favorite place to go.
  • International Time: If you want to find the local time of anyplace in the world, simply type in “Time in Madrid” without the quotes. You get the time for Madrid, Spain and Madrid, IOWA.
  • Calculator: Google has a built in calculator, simply enter the calculation you want in the search box. For Example: (93-32)/9*5 will display 33.88, which is how you convert degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius.
  • Currency Conversion:  Google has a built in Currency Conversion. Type in 200 dollars in euro and you Europe is getting more and more expensive. There aren’t too many hotels in Madrid for under 199.00 Euros/night!
  • Use Define: Type Define for Spell Check and Dictionary.
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