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Critical Steps to Consider in Planning an Internet Marketing Effort

Jose Ward - Thursday, January 15, 2009
The simple truth of Web communication and internet marketing is that any information can be communicated to anybody  at any time over any device. This is good news for marketers but requires a thoughtful planning effort before any actual internet marketing development work is begun. Of course, this is not the case in most situations. Many Web sites are thrown together with little or no previous planning, and then Web designers and developers are held responsible for the enormous expense and minimal results.

1)  Look at your current communication efforts. Who is the current audience served by your organization's traditional media activities?

2)  Looking at a particular communication activity, how is the information presentation targeted to a specific audience and how does it meet the needs of this audience?

3)  Look for opportunities to develop Web communication models that replace or transform existing models to Internet-based communication.

4) Understand the cost of the communication

5) Assign value to communication
6) Understand fixed versus variable delivery costs of communication in traditional versus internet communications
7) Justify internet communication based on delivery costs and value

8)  Assign costs to traditional media

9) Justify internet communication based on replacing current communication efforts

With a strategy now in place, consider current internal economics and add that to the plan. Will the current financial situation affect the strategy?  Lastly assess the financial justification for Internet communication based on the replacement of traditional variable-cost media with fixed-cost Internet communications. Compare this assessment to the economic strategy mentioned in item. Can the justification affect the strategy?

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