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7 Secrets of a Great Landing Pages to improve lead generation

Jose Ward - Monday, January 12, 2009
If your online marketing and conversion rates for your Google PPC campaigns, email marketing and banner advertising are between 2% and 4% like most companies, you are probably are not even using landing pages or landing pages are an after thought.  Landing pages are supposed to be goal-oriented and focused on the visitor's original search query. It often makes sense to pick out pages that are already in a website (e.g., in a large shopping site). You will usually want to make custom pages specifically for PPC and test out variations of those pages.

1. Great landing page should have captivating titles with keywords that focus the page on a particular theme or offer. 
2. Break out sections of the landing page with different titles. Use a similar strategy for ad titles. Keep the language simple and easy to scan, and highlight benefits of your product or service.
3. Clear Call to Actions have a well-labeled button, a link that addresses the user's needs, or a contact form right on the landing page.
4.  Use Persuasive Copy that sells and highlight the key differentiators of your product or service from your competitors. Positive testimonials, reviews, and case studies that show the superiority of your product or service get results.
5. The Landing Page MUST support the ad claims that triggered the visitors click.  They work together with the ads to generate conversions.
6. Including a secondary call to action keeps the dialog going.  Offer a newsletter sign-up, a free white paper, a catalog, a sign-up to become a member of a company's forum, or some other device designed to keep the conversation going with visitors.
7. Always Check out your competitors landing pages! Learn from the strategies they employ and attempt to provide something better for your landing pages.

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