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Website Hosting Platform Overview

  • Easily customize your website using our Sitewalk tool

    Start by choosing from our professional Web site design templates.  You can customize to your liking by changing colors, images, page layout and more with Easy Website Editing
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  • Sell Products and Take Payments

    Ready to Sell Online? Operating a successful online business takes preparation and the right tools. We designed our ecommerce solutions to make it easy for you to build and manage your online store — even with little or no experience, A reliable and secure shopping cart and the ability to accept credit cards payments
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  • Build Relationships & Enhance Customer Service

    with Built-In CRM, you get a centralized view of all your customers which consist of contacts, i.e. individuals and companies. When you view a customer record, you are either viewing a single persons record and all their interactions with you, or a company's record and the company's interactions with you.
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  • Drive Online Sales

    Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and powerful internet marketing tools available today, and one that your company can use to build stronger relationships with your customers. Email marketing allows you to cultivate loyalty in a customer base, providing them with a great value proposition for your products and services - increasing traffic to your website and strengthening sales potential.
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  • Understand your Online Business Metrics

    With our web site dashboard and reporting tools, you can analyze visit and usage patterns to gain a better understanding of your Web site's traffic and performance.
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