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Link Building for Search Engine Marketing Results

 Link popularity is one of the most important factors search engines such as Goolge, MSN and Yahoo use in determining where you will rank in the search engine for your keywords and phrases. as it helps them to determine how relevant or popular your site is with other web sites. In essence the search engines are saying "we're going to give top ranking to web pages that have important and relevant web sites linking to them".

Links are known as "off-page" optimization, whereas content optimization is known as "on-page" optimization. Off-page optimization has become more important than on-page optimization for good search engine rankings and trust factors.  Link Building is the process of finding related/relevant websites and getting them to link to your web site.. Building links has gotten sophisticated in the last couple of years. Today you need a mixture of links from many sources including Industry Specific Relevant Directory Listings, Discussion Boards, Industry Forums, News Articles, Press Releases, Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Myspace, and Blog sites.

How many links do you need to have to make Page 1 search results? It depends on the individual keyword or phrase you want to be found under and how the links are structured. The search engines look at inbound links as a popularity contest but more importantly, they are looking at the quality of the pages that are linking to you and the "anchor text" - the "clickable link" and what it says about the page that it links to. The key to linking is to have the right anchor text on a link that points to a page that has content using the same keyword phrase.

Linking is critical not only with your search engine placement, but also because it helps stabilize your positions in the search engines and delivers traffic directly from the sites that link to you. Link Building is not a one time process and your are done. Generating new links is an ongoing process is critical to ranking well in search results.

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