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Detailed Tour of Web Hosting Platform

Overview / Dashboard

The dashboard is the first thing you see if you have selected Home to be your landing page after logging into Admin. It gives you a birds eye view of how your online business is performing. Use it to keep your finger on the pulse of your online business. There you will see the summary of your online business activity for the past 7 days. You can get the information for individual days by clicking on the point in the graph for a particular day

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Easily Managing Your Website

We've made managing your Website as easy as pie

Site Wide Templates makes it easy to maintain a consistent look and feel across your website.

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Business Blogs are a powerful way to communicate with your customers in a more personal, one-on-one fashion. Business blogss allows you to listen to what people are saying about your products, your brand, your employees, your partners, your vendors, your competitors, your marketing and all at lightning speed!

Many businesses are beginning to realize the power of Blogs in creating authentic and engaging discussions with existing and potential customers. Adding a blog to your website is a great way to develop and grow your relationships with your customers online. Here's some of the key features of blogs:

* Unlimited posts
* Ability to moderate comments
* Fully customizable Blog appearance
* Automatic RSS Feed creation
* Public or Private blogs
* Ability to set the release date of posts in the future
* Receive and send Trackback pings to other blogs
* And more!

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Build a community with forums! Forums are a powerful facility for enabling the exchange of ideas, thoughts and comments between you and your customers or simply between your customers. Forums make your website livelier, and add credibility. More importantly forums encourage your customers to come back to your website over and over again. By implementing a forum on your website you can begin the process of building a loyal and active customer base.

Managing your forums is a breeze

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RSS is at the heart of Web 2.0.

RSS stands for (Really Simple Syndication) and it allows people to subscribe to your content. Whenever you see the universal RSS icon image, which is usually hyperlinked to a web feed, you can subscribe to the content from which it is linked. RSS is one of the main characteristics of Web 2.0 because you are able to provide your audience the ability to stay informed of your content as it changes or gets updated. Use RSS to grow your audience beyond your web site!

Manage Multiple feeds from one central place

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Web Apps

Web Apps allows anyone who is not technical to create powerful web-based applications. For example a real-estate listings application can be created where listing can be displayed on any web page. You have complete control on the look and feel and the layout of listings. Listings can also be searched through using a point-n-click search builder functionality which can be added to any web page. Customers searching through real estate items can add them to their "favorites" list and easily retrieve these in the future. You can create just about any Web Apps including book reviews, travel packages, job listings, customer testimonials or car catalog. In fact, you can use Web Apps to create search friendly collections of "items" with a point-n-click approach

Completely customize your web apps to suit your needs

Get creative with your web app design!

Use the built in search so people can search your web app items directly on your website

Let your customers add their own items from your website!

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If your business undertakes events or seminars where bookings are required then the Booking feature can help significantly streamline administrative tasks while helping improve overall customer experience. The booking feature enables your visitors to make bookings on your website for specific events. The system will track capacity and will send follow-up emails to customers before, on and after the booking date to enhance the customer experience.

Keep a record of booking history in your central contact database

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Web Forms

Web Forms are one of the most exciting parts of the NetTrafficBuilder web hosting solution. They allow you to interact with your customers, providing them with a communication channel to your business. You can use web forms to run competitions, create surveys, collect bookings, field inquiries, collect donations or register for access to special offers.

The possibilities are unlimited, and the best part is that the customers details will always be seamlessly captured into your contact database and a case created for each web form submission. Another advantage of web forms is that you do not need any technical knowledge to create them. Anyone can do it within minutes.

Save customer details directly from the form into your contact database

Create custom fields to ask those questions specific to your business

Create a personlized thank you note for the web form submission

In the contact database, we help you keep a history of each customer's submitted web forms

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Customer Relationship Management

The customer database is a centralized view of all your customers which consist of contacts, i.e. individuals and companies. When you view a customer record, you are either viewing a single persons record and all their interactions with you, or a company's record and the company's interactions with you. The system always provides a 360 degree view of every customer and their past interactions with you. For example when viewing a customer record you can easily retrieve a list of all the past inquiries and view all the purchases they've made through your online shop.

You can also view their subscriptions, including those to your email newsletters, secure zone areas, and affiliate programs. You can track or create customer loyalty programs and give specific discounts to this customer when they shop on your website. Build stronger relationships using the built-in contact management database

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Customer Case Management

Automatically keep a history of your customer interactions. A Case is a record of a customers interaction with your business. A Case can be created manually or automatically. Cases would be created manually by the sales or customer service representative, when the customer calls on the phone or contacts your business directly in person, via the phone or via email.

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Products and Catalogs

Creating product catalogs is a simple and painless process.Setting up of your online shop cart and creating your catalogs is generally done upfront. After you've completed these tasks, you rarely need to go back to make further adjustments. Most of your time henceforward will be spent managing product promotions and processing online orders.

Sell Anything. Sell effectively. Sell with style

Drive traffic with targeted affiliate programs

Build in complete shipping and handling

Collect payments seamlessly and instantly

Customize tax codes for your country!

Create targeted discount programs or just have a sale with discount codes!

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Easy Order Management

Every order created is linked to a customer record in your built-in NetTrafficBuilder CRM. That allows you to keep a complete history of customer orders, offer customer loyalty bonuses and run email marketing campaigns to your store's customers!  It's easy to manage and fulfill customer orders on the NetTrafficBuilder web hosting platform. Orders are records of product or services that have been ordered by the customer.

Quotes are a particular type of order in the system that do not have a price listed against them. Orders are usually created via a customer proceeding to checkout on your online shop.  However, you can also manually create an order.

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E-mail Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and powerful marketing tools available today, and one that your company can use to build stronger relationships with your customers. Email marketing allows you to cultivate loyalty in a customer base, providing them with a great value proposition for your products and services - increasing traffic to your website and strengthening sales potential.

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Build and manage your email list for high-impact results! Building and managing your email list is a really easy. You can add new contacts, store additional contact information, update information and group contacts by the criteria you choose based on past orders, web form responses, forum membership and more.ore effectively target your email campaigns

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Create Custom Reports

E-mail tracking and reporting lets you know how many emails were delivered, which addresses bounced, and why—within minutes of sending your email campaign. You also get reports on who opened your email, which links generated the most interest, and who clicked on each one. This valuable information will help you to determine your contacts' interests, the best day and time to send your email campaigns and much more!ind out exactly what you need to know about your customers

Select any detail you need

Get specific with a wide range of filters

Here's the results - you can export and tweak or just save the report and view again later

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Website Reports

What are your customers doing on your site?  NetTrafficBuilder's executive dashboard, web site analytics and comprehensive reporting tools, makes it easy ton analyze every aspect of your online business; web site visit and usage patterns, online sales performance, email marketing campaigns effectiveness and more without having to add a single line of programming code to your web pages.?

Take a peek at who's surfing your site

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Email Marketing Reports

How effective is your email marketing?

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Advanced Customization

No more cookie-cutter checkouts!

You've got complete creative control over you online shop's appearance

Get creative with complete customization power