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Copywriting Tips

Copy writing Tips that help get you into page 1 search results.


Jose Ward - Friday, January 23, 2009

Following good copywriting guidelines is key to improve the results of your internet marketing, and in front of potential customers.  Understanding that, here are some proven strategies for writing great content and ad copy.  Do a search on eBay for a product your looking for.  You will quickly discover why the most successful eBay sellers are good copywriters.  They get the most on the job training!  Always use and think about the "Page Title" and "Meta description", together they are your best chance to convey your message to online searches and convince web traffic to click through to your website.  It also is critical component of Google/Yahoo/Microsoft search in determining relevance for your website.  Understand the ultimate pupose of your headline (H1 tag) is to get your reader to read the next line of copy.

1. Use KEYWORDS:  Including the keywords makes it more likely that your page or ad will appear in a search query.
2. Focus on Your Target Market   
3. State the Reasons WHY they should become your customer. Make it simple & conversational
4. Offer an Incentive: Answer what is in it for me (the customer).
5. Create a Sense of Urgency: Think VERVE - Visceral, Emotional, Resounding, Visual, Empathic.  Walk the fine line between fact and hype.
6. Use Call to Actions: "Register Now", "Free Trial", "Buy Now",
7. Highlight your Unique Selling Proposition (Competitive Advantage)

1. Be Clever
2. Be boring
3. Don't assume your prospect knows what you know.
4. Don't focus on the process.
5. Don't merely try to arouse curiosity.

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SEO professional secrets to developing great content.

Jose Ward - Thursday, November 06, 2008
Although your target audience may discover your website via one of many SEO techniques, they spend time on your site and return only if your content is relevant and engaging.  Content and SEO are closely aligned and degraded if either is not doing their part. 

Great content without SEO consideration is destined to remained lost in a sea of websites.  On the other hand, poor content that is perfectly optimized may bring in traffic, but those visitors are likely to leave quickly, and never return again, if they find  content that is of little value to them.

Content the Bring People In

Well written, valuable content on is like gravity that draws in prospects with great force.  When most people find something valuable and interesting on the web that is exciting, they tend to share it with others.  Unite this fact of human nature with the reach of the web and you have a recipe to unite a large number of people around your website.  The key is to solve their problem by providing information that is useful, entertaining or allows them to build something unique.  When your content serves the needs of your target audience you are likely to receive many positive benefits in the form of inbound links, better leads, positive PR, greater brand awareness, better leads and ultimately better online sales.
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