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NetTrafficBuilder is an integrated online business web hosting platform built to help business owners run their website, sell products online, email marketing and integrated shopping while automatically growing their customer database. Most online businesses need 5 expensive and difficult systems to manage your online business – website development & hosting, eCommerce, Customer Relationship Management, email marketing and reporting tools. Now you can do it all more efficiently and cost effectively with one integrated console.

In addition, we provide a full service e-marketing services to clients across the globe the include the following:

Web & Programming

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A sound search engine optimization SEO plan takes planning and attention to detail. Our team of search engine marketing specialists will research your competitors, help you select the best keywords, recommend a content optimization strategy, optimize your code and help you monitor it on an ongoing basis. We offer a fee-based consultative assessment known as the SEO Assessment to conduct an analysis of your website in order to determine what strategies you should implement to improve your website's search engine rankings and lead generation opportunities. Small business SEO plans are also available.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

We'll set up your PPC plan or manage your existing PPC plan. Our search engine marketing specialists will research your keywords, determine the most effective bid rates for your keywords, design your ads, design your landing page(s), test your ads and monitor their performance on an ongoing basis. You'll get measurable results from your custom PPC campaigns. Our goal is to produce the most cost effective conversions (leads) from your PPC campaigns through our PPC search engine marketing service.

Web 2.0 Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Web 2.0 offers exciting new ways to market your business through RSS, blogging, social media optimization, podcasting and others. Our Internet Marketing specialists will work collaboratively and strategically with you to design Web 2.0 strategies that will help you harness the opportunities available to generate new sales opportunities in Web 2.0. It's not a matter of "if" but "how" and "when" your business launches a Web 2.0 marketing strategy.

Link Building Plans

Any search engine marketing or search engine optimization plan must include a link building plan. The reason is that search engines determine the popularity of your content through inbound links. Search engines consider both the quantity and relevance of the incoming links to your website. Our search engine optimization specialists will recommend and implement legitimate, one way link building plans to get you found in search engines for even some of the most competitive keyword phrases.

Article Syndication

"Article Syndication" is a very effective technique which improves visibility of your business, your website's content and can help improve your search engine rankings. By creating unique and useful articles and optimizing them for relevant keywords and syndicating them across various websites, you'll improve search engine rankings for selected keyword phrases.

Landing Page Conversion

Ensure that you convert as many of your website visitors to qualified prospects by using proven testing techniques and best practices. The only way to maximize landing page conversions is to test different versions of your landing pages. Our search engine marketing consultants know the most effective and proven techniques and will set up, monitor and measure tests to maximize your landing page conversions so that we produce the most leads possible.

Design & Multimedia

Logo Design

Graphic Design